About Me

I am an experienced software tester, technical writer and editor looking for freelance projects.

I have experience in end-to-end testing of e-commerce sites, mobile and web-based applications (including Flash/Flex projects), and native platform applications (Windows and iOS), running on Windows and Linux servers with SQL, Oracle, MongoDB and Cassandra databases and in a range of programming languages.

For testing I’ve used custom-written platform-dependent scripts, usually in Ruby or Python. I’ve also worked with automated testing tools, such as Selenium and jMeter, mobile-emulators and on-line mobile testing suites, sniffers and many test management tools.

As a writer, I’ve had a chance to work with standard and professional writing tools, including Scrivener, MadCap Flare and DITA-OT, and to document everything from mobile applications to complex billing systems and hardware control interfaces.

I’ve written and edited FAQs, user manuals and training guides, scripts for training videos and more. I’ve also written requirements and specifications, white papers and technical reviews.

I have postgraduate qualifications in Development Management and Conflict and Development, both from the UK Open University.

For the full bio, see il.linkedin.com/in/iritarkin/

If you’re interested in my freelance services, see Services.