Helping colleagues after layoffs

Whether your colleagues just got laid off or are worried they’ll be next, there are ways you can help – even if you don’t have a job to offer them.

  1. Help them with their CV, cover letters and writing sample.
  2. If you’re an experienced hiring manager, run a mock interview for them, and give them general tips about interviewing and what hiring managers are looking for. It’s possible they haven’t interviewed in years.
  3. Help them recognise industry-relevant skills they need and find learning resources. If you’re their line manager, give them some time to work on these.
  4. Also if you’re their line manager, provide opportunities that will help them stand out as candidates the next time they apply for a job.
  5. If they’re worried about finances, help them find professional financial advice. Some younger employees, in particular, are not aware of what they can do to manage their finances and their debt (especially student loans and medical debt).
  6. Help them find information about bridging the gap between employer-provided healthcare policies. Don’t assume this only applies to Americans; even in countries with national health services, tech workers often rely on private healthcare, especially for complex conditions and children with extensive needs.
  7. Help them find mental health services they will continue to have access to even when their job is gone.

All of these things can help people feel prepared and in control, and can reduce anxiety. That’s about all you can do, since you can’t promise anyone they won’t be next. You could be next, too.

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