This isn’t the job you were hired to do

When you start a new job, you can’t really work without a mental image of the job: “This is my role. This is what I should be doing and how I should be doing it.”

But that image is about 90% wrong (yes, I made that number up), and you need to let go of it as soon as you can. It’s made up 50% of your dreams and aspirations and 50% of your old job (yes, I made these numbers up, too). In other words, whatever job you’re doing isn’t the job you were hired to do.

You need to update your mental image as soon and as often as you can. Not passively, by slowly noticing things, but actively by constantly questioning things. So for each behaviour, keep asking yourself: “Am I just doing this because it’s habit?” and “Am I just doing this because I’ve always wanted to?”

Unless, of course, you were hired explicitly to rock the boat. Then, by all means, pour out your bucket list and call it a job.

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