Do not Hire This Person: Technical Writers Edition

Three things some technical writers say that should serve as a warning sign that you may not want to hire them:

“I only need to understand it at the UI level”.

If you don’t understand how and why things happen, you’re no better than the user. Anyone can read a field label to understand what goes there.

“I don’t proofread.”

Some writers treat proofreading the way some programmers treat testing – as something lesser people should do. It’s the sign of a delusional ego or an unhelpful team member (or both). Note that this is not the same as saying “I’m really bad at proofreading myself”, which is only a problem for writers working on their own.

“I don’t accept client feedback”.

Another ego problem. Obviously some clients are to be ignored – we’ve all met some who gave utterly useless feedback just because they felt it was their duty to say something. But rejecting all client feedback off-hand is another way of saying “I refuse to learn from my mistakes”.

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