Do not Hire This Person: QA Edition

Written in collaboration with Efrat Wurzel

Three things some testers say that should serve as a warning sign that you may not want to hire them:

“I can’t understand a feature or start thinking about its tests until I use it”.

Obviously there are some things that will click better when working with the feature. But anyone who says they can’t do anything with a feature until they start working with it – not even with a good design and spec – doesn’t have the imagination and analysing skills for this job.

“I’m not an organised person, I don’t put effort into keeping my tests in order”.

Good luck figuring out what you did and didn’t test, three weeks into a four-week test “sprint”.

“I rely only on developers to understand a feature I’m testing”.

Developers can tell you what the feature does, not what it was intended to do. Testers who don’t understand the gap between these two ideas – and how many different elements go into creating this gap – don’t get how software is developed.

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